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A holistic health platform for the collective healing + liberation of Black people. Tap in.

Our Story

After experiencing a health crisis, our founder returned to the ways of her ancestors. Fascinated with the body’s ability to heal itself, she spent years researching and learning by trial and error. It was a slow, costly, and frustrating process. While reflecting on her healing journey, she realized Black folks are often erased, minimized, shamed, and harmed in wellness spaces, especially if they are also women, low-income, or queer. Fed up, she boldly launched a platform to center us, honor ancestral wisdom, and decolonize healing.

An ethical social enterprise making healing more equitable and accessible to Black folks

 Radical. Liberal. Pan African. Fat. Slim. Disabled. Gay. Queer. Trans. Undocumented. Indigenous. Working-class. Immigrant. Middle-class. Cash Poor. Tatted. Pierced. Formerly Incarcerated. Able-bodied. Uneducated. Kinky. Neurodivergent. Womanist. Feminist. Spiritual. Atheist. Agnostic. 

Featured Healer Specialties


Naturopathic Medicine


Doula & Birthwork

Reiki & Energy Healing

Spiritual Advice

Why We're Dope

Made For the People

Radically inclusive, accessible, and culturally-rooted. Always sucka free.

Black-Owned & Independent

Founded by an HBCU alumna and free from corporate influence.

Trusted Healers

We help people discover healers aligned with our values that meet our high standards and pass our rigorous vetting process.

Advanced Technology

Direct messaging, better filters (geography, gender, language, trauma-informed, etc.), real reviews, and ratings help you find the perfect healer.

What People Are Saying

This is a dream come true, to witness so many of my people reclaiming all this ancient wisdom and to share it back into the community with integrity.
New York
I love what you are doing. And the world needs it. I'm so excited to see Mindful Maroon launch. This fan girl is really over here swooning.
I'm ready to grow my practice and be in community with other healers so we can collectively impact more communities of color.

Ready to heal?
Welcome home, fam!

We get you. We speak your language. And can’t wait to help you unlock your body’s ability to heal itself. We offer expert help for chronic diseases and pain. Healing trauma, clearing chakras, and boosting energy, mood, immunity, and mental focus are also our thing. 

Support our work. We can't do this without you! #NoRichAuntie


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